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Digital First: Blazing a Trail for Public Service Agencies

State agency proves bold digital initiatives achieve quick results and lasting benefits.

They bet early on the value of digital transformation. Today, the agency—and the public it serves—is winning big.

Fueled by rising public expectations in an on-demand world, digital transformation was becoming a government imperative well before 2020. COVID-19 and the swift pivot to remote workplaces served as the jetpack that accelerated it.

The agency took an early, forward- thinking position that waiting to go digital would be far more costly than an early investment in it. The agency began its digital-first initiative in February 2018, and with an expedited schedule in place, the entire project could be completed within two years.

Agencies struggling to adopt their own digital initiatives can look to this agency as proof that digital-first is a winning strategy and a good (and necessary) bet for future success.

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