Digital Voucher Process:
How the Florida Department of Health Made Their Voucher Process More Efficient

An In-Depth Q&A with the ImageAPI VP of Client Success on How She Led the Updated Voucher Process for the Florida DOH

We spoke with our VP of Client Success, Loree Evans, who partnered with the Florida DOH to implement a digitized voucher process. Our discussion reveals the specific voucher processing issues the agency was experiencing, Image API’s action plan, and the impact of the streamlined and digitized voucher process.

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A Look into the Case Study


Points of Failure for the Florida DOH’s Paper-Based Voucher Process

From printing to distributing to assembling and scanning, the opportunities for failure with the DOH's former paper-based voucher process were numerous. Disruption along this already cumbersome process caused further delays. The DOH was ready for a more efficient and streamlined process.


A Tailored Solution for Vouchers

We outline exactly how the Florida DOH made significant improvements to their voucher process and the solutions implemented by Image API to assist them. We also provide a step-by-step description of their new digitized process and which points of failure have been eliminated or optimized.


The Perfect Fit: Results of the DOH's Custom Voucher Solution

Complete, accurate, and always accessible documentation in a centralized location is providing much-needed peace of mind to DOH employees who had to deal with a frustrating process prior to our involvement.

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