The Complete Guide to Digital Personnel Records for HR Leaders

Learn how to streamline your personnel records management.

Personnel records are the standard way of documenting an employee’s relationship with a company or organization. In some instances, these records contain fairly general information, whereas other times, they may include private or confidential details. Regardless of the file type, personnel records need to be regularly updated to ensure operational efficiency and success.

Keeping personnel records up to date is crucial for maintaining a well-organized HR department, and digitizing these files makes the process easier and more streamlined for every team. Our ePaper will guide you on the path to digitization, walking you through:

  • 6 different types of personnel records
  • 6 personnel records that should be kept in a separate, confidential file
  • 5 steps to setting up electronic records management to ensure success in HR
  • Digital personnel records FAQs, and more!

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